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We have recently concluded the Concept Stage of the Midtown Campus Project,
the Final Report and Guidelines are available below.

The Midtown Campus Project is the public engagement process representing the first stage of a three stage process to redevelop the property commonly referred to as Santa Fe University of Art and Design or the College of Santa Fe (“Property”).

The three stages are:

(a) Concept Stage which was the market research, idea generation and concept development work done during the Midtown Campus Project that culminates in strategic, planning guidelines for the next stage,

(b) Planning Stage which will culminate in an appropriately scaled land development plan and financial model that can be successfully executed, and

(c) Implementation Stage which will be the phased implementation of the development plan or modifications thereof. Both the Planning and Implementation phases will also involve public input.

The report below serves as a summary of the outreach and results conducted between January through May of 2018. The spectrum of research conducted covered a broad array of input from ideation, surveys, and evaluation. And, concluded in planning guidelines for the Midtown Property.

Press Conference announcing Midtown Campus Guidelines

Midtown Campus Guidelines

Midtown Campus Final Report

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Thank you for collaborating with us on the Midtown Campus Project

There were over 400 people at in-person forums, and 530 people participated online.

Five great design teams created conceptual visions for the SFUAD property. People came together to imagine the site and new opportunities for future generations of Santa Fe. If you would like to read descriptions of the visions or watch designers present please click on the links below.

Click here to read descriptions of the five conceptual visions.

Click here to review their visual presentations.

Click here to watch 10 minute presentions by each design team.

To find out more about the Midtown Campus Project click here


2017 Economic Development Crossroads

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