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Drug Tip Hotline

DRUG TIP HOTLINE (505) 428-3737


Santa Fe City Council, Regional Emergency Communication Center and Santa Fe Police Department are launching a Drug Tip Hotline to curb illegal drug trafficking in our city, combat drug related crimes, and prevent further destruction to families due to drug addictions.

Residents can report possible drug activity in their neighborhoods by calling (505) 428-3737.

Calls will be handled by dispatchers at the Regional Emergency Communication Center 24/7. The hotline has a very distinctive ring tone, so dispatchers will know a drug related tip is on the other end. An officer will be dispatched to the reported location immediately depending on the activity. Tips will also be forwarded to the department’s investigations unit and pursued further to help build bigger cases and obtain multiple arrests. 

In 2013, City Councilor Bill Dimas sponsored a resolution calling for the creation of the hotline and further drug prevention measures in the city.

Tackling the city’s drug problem is a top priority for the councilor who lost his daughter due to a heroin addiction.

“We have a real heroin problem right now throughout the entire country, and this hotline will ensure people can do their part to report and combat drug activity,” Councilor Bill Dimas said. “One of my goals is to attack the drug dealers in this community and make sure they’re not welcome here.”

Callers can remain anonymous, and are asked to provide as many details as possible about the incident in order to assist investigators. Writing down vehicle descriptions, license plates, suspect descriptions, and in depth accounts of the alleged activity are recommended.

Signs of Drug Activity in your neighborhood:

*Unusual amount of people coming and going from the residence, many times at odd hours of the day or night.

*People waiting in vehicles outside the residence.

*People parking around the corner or down the street and approaching the residence on foot.

*People who visit the residence often and only stay for 15 minutes or less.  

*Windows are blocked out, preventing neighbors from seeing inside.

*Finding drugs or drug paraphernalia (syringes, pipes, baggies, etc.) in the area.

*Noxious odors coming from around houses or buildings, such as musty or chemical smells.

*Houses or buildings where extreme security measures seem to have been taken.




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