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District 1 Parks

Adam Gabriel Armijo Park, 1404 Cerro Gordo Road ( View Map » )

Formerly known as Cerro Gordo Park, this park shares an entrance with the Maha Bodhi Buddhist Center. 5.68 acres - picnic tables - play equipment - multi-purpose field

Photo of Adam Gabriel Armijo Park Photo of women at Adam Gabriel Armijo Park Photo of sculpture of St. Francis at Adam Gabriel Armijo Park

Cathedral Park, E. Palace Avenue and Cathedral Place ( View map » )

Located just off the historic Santa Fe Plaza and next to St. Francis Basilica Cathedral, this park is a shade-filled relaxing oasis.  .62 acres - park benches - multi-purpose grass area

Photo of Cathedral Park Sculpture at Cathedral Park

City Hall Park, 200 Lincoln Avenue ( View Map » )

Located outside of Santa Fe's City Hall, this park is proud to host a sculpture of St. Francis by Gian Andrea Bacigalupa and the recently installed sculpture by Pojoaque Pueblo Governor George Rivera honoring Congressional Medal of Honor awardee Staff Sgt. Leroy A. Petry.  .68 acres - park benches

Photo fo City Hall Park and sculpture  Photo of City Hall Park and sculpture

Cross of the Martyrs, 617 Paseo de Peralta ( View map » )

Located up a brick walking trail on the northeast side of Paseo de Peralta between E. Marcy Avenue and Otero Streets, this Park connects to Prince Park.  On the walk up are a series of plaques detailing the City's history.  (Public Parking is at the Convention Center)  2.35 acres - picnic tables - multi-purpose field - view from the top is spectabular in all directions

Photo of entrance to Cross of Martyrs Walking path Photo fo view from Cross of Martyrs Photo of Cross of the Martyrs

Photo of dog and rainbow at Frank S. Ortiz Dog ParkFrank S. Ortiz Dog Park, Camino de las Crucitas ( View Map » )

The parking lot entrance is on the southwest side of Camino de las Crucitas at Buckman Road.  This park is an off-leash dog park where dogs go with their owners to meet their friends and run loose in the beautiful and wild foothills.  135.29 acres - picnic tables - play equipment.

Frank S. Ortiz Park, Camino de las Crucitas ( View Map » )

During WWII, this area was a Japanese internment camp.  On the hill above the park is a memorial to the Japanese who were interned here.  6.2 acres - picnic tables, shade structure - play equipment - memorial.

Photo of play equipment at Frank S. Ortiz Park Photo of Japanese Internment Camp memorial at Frank S. Ortiz Park

Ft. Marcy Complex and Park / Mager's Field, 490 Bishops Lodge Road ( View Map » )

30 acres - tennis courts - picnic tables - play equipment - BBQ grills - soccer - volleyball - concession stands - restrooms - multi-purpose field - indoor fitness center and pool

Photo of children and parents at Ft. Marcy Park play equipment Photo of Ft. Marcy ball field Photo of Ft. Marcy weight room

Photo of Vietnam Veterans memorial at John F. Griego ParkJohn F. Griego Vietnam Veterans Park, 1605 Paseo de la Conquistadora (map)

Formerly named Barrio Park, this park is located on the Santa Fe River side of Camino de la Conquistadora.  John F. R. Griego, USMC, Vietnam.

.92 acre - multi-purpose field - play equipment - access to Santa Fe River Trail - Vietnam Veterans memorial

Monica Roybal Youth Center and Park, 737 Agua Fria ( View Map » )

This youth center and park is one of the locations for the City's afterschool and summer youth programs.  .81 acre - picnic tables - play equipment - shelter - BBQ grills - soccer field - restrooms - multi-purpose field

Photos coming soon!

Photo of Governor Peralta sculpture

Peralta Park, 323 Grant Avenue ( 323 Grant Avenue » )

Located on the west side of the downtown Post Office and dedicated to Colonial Governor Pedro de Peralta.  .78 acre - sculpture - shade trees - grass 

Plaza Park, 63 Lincoln Avenue (View Map)

The historic Plaza is the traditional center of the City surrounded by museums, galleries and  native vendors from the surrounding Native American communities.  1.1 acre - park benches, grass, bandstand, food vendors - art vendors

Photo of the Plaza in the morning Photo of people walking on the Plaza

Prince Park, Prince Avenue ( View Map » )

Located on the south side of Prince Avenue off of Artist Road.  Prince Park can also be reached from downtown by climbing the Cross of the Martyrs walkway. 10.13 acres - park benches - picnic tables - walking trails - great views

Photo of Prince Park Photo looking toward mountains from Prince Park

Railyard Park, 600 S. Guadalupe ( View Map » )

Located on the north side of Cerrillos between S. Guadalupe, Paseo de Peralta and Alarid Streets, the Railyard Park is a gathering place for residents and visitors alike.  10.34 acres - picnic tables - play equipment - BBQ grills - restrooms - performance space

Photo of the Railyard Park Photo of children's tunnel at the Railyard Park Photo of Ramada at the Santa Fe Railyard

Tommy Macaione Park, 301 E. Marcy ( View Map » )

Located at Paseo de Peralta and Hillside Avenue, this park was formerly called Hillside Park.  Thomas Silvestre Macaione, 'El Diferente' was a well-known artist and is memorialized in a sculpture at the park.  .4 acre - sculpture - grass and trees

Photo of sculpture of Thomas Macaione Photo of Thomas Macaione Park Photo of sculpture of Thomas Macaione

Torreon Park,  1515 W. Alameda ( View Map » )

Located between Huddleson and Sam Streets, the entrance to Torreon Park is marked  by a large public art piece representing the history of the neighborhood surrounding the park.  3.44 acres - picnic tables - play equipment - basketball courts - multi-purpose field - walking/running trail - public art

Photo of ceramic sculpture on tower by Pedro Romero at Torreon Park Photo of Torreon Park Photo of play equipment at Torreon Park




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