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Thank You to the Generosity of our arts community whose compassionate action will help to support local artists

The Culture Connects Coalition fund initiative is a response to the current COVID-19 public health pandemic and the subsequent suspension of events in our community. The impact of these suspensions have had a ripple effect throughout our artistic community, adversely impacting artists, their families and the greater community. Relief awards of $500 were made to 92 artists to support them through these challenging times.

 A huge thank you to Lannan Foundation who immediately stepped up with a generous contribution of $10,000 in seed grant funding plus an additional $15,000 challenge grant which our Santa Fe cultural community met and exceeded! Thank you so very much.

Tamara Bates                                                     The Essential Guide                                          New Mexico Actors Lab

Anonymous                                                         Alexander Hanna                                              Anita Ogard

JoAnn and Robert M. Balzer                             Steven J. Harris                                                  Catherine Oppenheimer

V. Marie Bass                                                      Christy E. Hengst                                               Sabrina Pratt

Jamie Blosser                                                      Thomas M. Hnasko                                           Doug Puryear

David W. Burling                                                 Sean D. Ianni                                                     Daniel J. Rubin

Lilia Chacon                                                         Pauline Kanako Kamiyama                             Scheinbaum & Russek Ltd.

Peter Chapin                                                       Robert Lambert                                                 William D. Snead 

Anne Chognard                                                  Anonymous                                                        Gerald Stiebel

Dorothy Clyne                                                    Fleischaker Women's Legacy Fund                 Caresa Summers 

Southwest Contemporary                                Diana T. MacArthur                                           James Ward 

Anonymous                                                        Bram Meehan                                                    Eileen A. Wells

Judith & Steven J. Goldstein                             William A. Miller


The Artist Relief Fund was featured recently in Hyperallergic, Pasatiempo and The Santa Fe Reporter Blog 


To continue supporting our artists:

Mail check made payable to:

Coalition Connects Coalition

c/o  Santa Fe Art Institute

PO Box 24044

Santa Fe, NM 87502-4044


Online payment HERE

Note there is a 5% processing fee for credit/debit cards




Seven Archangels Fund Seeks donations

A Fund to Support Jose Lucero's Restoration of These Treasured Sculptures


Become an angel donor


Thank you to the generosity of the following Angel Fund supporters that puts our goal of $3,500 within reach for Angel One, Salthiel AND we are well on our way to funding Angel Two!  Artist Jose A. Lucero has been sculpting the first angel sculpture replacement over the past few months. Our angel funders are:

Elizabeth Alexander                          Kathy Alexander                           Sandra Arrighi

Jane Elizabeth Bates                         Ted Borek                                      Carolyn Brown                      

James J. Bonner                                 Monica A. Bonner                         Lynne Buchen                 

Keith Clark                                          Constance Deschamps                Kristi Dew

Betty Farrell                                        Rochelle Follmer                           Margarita Gonzales

Peter Gonzalez                                   Karla Harby                                   Barbara Hays

Shyama Helin                                     Alondra Howard                           Paula Hutchinson

Lynda & W. Thomas Kellahin           Alexandra Kolkmeyer Bakos      Norman S. Koppel                       

Paul Lind                                             Valarie McGonagle                       Marie Moore                                

C.L. Muth                                             Joan B. & Terrell W. Oxford        Mary Lou Padilla                          

Victoria Rabinow                                Carol Romero-Wirth                    Kristin Carlsen Rowley (2)                

Doris T. Sanchez                                 Anne Weaver                                Abby L. & Barry G. Weinstein      

Artful Tea

The Arts and Culture Department and artist Jose A. Lucero, known as the Picasso Santero, need your help. Our beloved “Seven Archangels” public artwork have recently been conserved and once again, they gracefully stand watch over our City along the East Alameda River Trail walking path. However, you many notice that one of our archangels is missing.

 Salathiel was damaged during the summer storms of August 2020 and was removed.

 As a result, we need your help to bring Salathiel back to Santa Fe. In pursuit of that goal, we seek to raise $3,500 in donations this year in order to contract Mr. Lucero to sculpt a replacement angel to once again stand alongside the other angels.

 Our long-range dreams include having Mr. Lucero sculpt a replacement angel every year, kicking off our Angel Campaign, starting with Salathiel. Your tax-deductible contribution in any amount will go towards the realization of this annual effort. Each angel sculpture will cost $3,500 and as funds are raised, Mr. Lucero will be able to carve replacement angels until all seven have been completed.

 Hear from our first supporter of the Angel Fund:

The archangels on E. Alameda by Jose Lucero are a Santa Fe treasure.  I doubt if tourists come to Santa Fe just to see them, but they attract a lot of attention and help create a good impression.  Hopefully we can all contribute to this project and the other art projects that keep our city such a special place. - Doug Puryear

 These artworks are hand carved out of wood and hand painted with natural pigments that Mr. Lucero makes himself from materials found in nature around and near Santa Fe. These include walnuts, berries, leaves and other natural resources. He respects the gifts from nature that he collects and in exchange leaves an offering whether it be pinon nuts for the squirrels or thanks to the land for its bounty and beauty. READ ABOUT IT HERE

We invite you to be an Angel Donor and contribute any amount you can spare.


Send your check to:

            Payable to the: City of Santa Fe/Angel Fund Public Art

Mailing Address

PO Box 909

Santa Fe, New Mexico 87504-0909

Attention: Cashier’s Office


Over the phone credit card donations: Angel Fund Public Art


Kenia Ordonez           OR       Clarence Romero

955-6557                                 955-6547

 Questions, please contact Pauline Kanako Kamiyama, Director, Arts and Culture Department at [bot protected email address]


About the Artist 

A native of Santa Fe, Jose A. Lucero has been featured in Spanish Market since 1997. His work is featured in the Spanish Colonial Arts Museum locally, as well as several private and museum collections around the world.




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