Cultural Organizations Arts Grants ReFresh 2021

Introducing the City of Santa Fe Arts and Culture Department’s Cultural Investment Funding Program Refresh

Opens on November 12, 2020

Due December 22, 2020



“Culture embodies the shared complex and diverse heritage of a community, including its tangible and intangible virtues…It is the quiet and restless imagination that becomes expression, from which emanates writing, song, performance, painting, sculpture, cuisine, dance, design and story. When recognized, coalesced and leveraged, culture is transformative. It ignites creativity, consciousness and capacity.”        

Culture Connects Roadmap

It's a Whole New World

Novel coronavirus has changed everything.  We can no longer casually gather to perform or enjoy live cultural programming and the majority of our human interactions have moved online.  As a result of the pandemic, we have had to pause and retool, resulting in experimentation, innovation and no small degree of sacrifice.  It is vital for us all to re-imagine a true "City Different" - a city that celebrates the role of culture in tourism an the wider economy.  In that contenxt, this disruption of our "typcial" approaches to arts and cultural administration has created opportunity for change. 


What Now?

When dire circumstances present themselves, cultural institutions are often required to pivot.  As leaders, we are not only rethinking how we continue to keep working, but also;  What can we do without?  How can we do more with less?  What are our most important resources?  How do we try something "else"?

Our conclusion?  We have identified two factors essential for the preservation of our valuable cultural assets:

A.  Our collective creativity/resourcefulness.

B.  Our access to a broad and varied pool of creative resources that exist right here among our peers and colleagues.

With reduced fiscal resources, the new bottom line is creativity and collaboration. The City of Santa Fe Arts and Culture Department is pleased to introduce our revamped Cultural Investment Funding Program. Throughout this pandemic we have studied national responses and listened to our constituents/peers to help us address the role culture plays in tourism and the continued survival of Santa Fe’s creative economy.

Now is the Time

Whatever the future looks like, we must be mindful of the balance between proven models of success and the excitement of innovation.


Our refreshed approach takes both perspectives into consideration by offering cultural organizations two paths for funding support:

1) Traditional Marketing Impact Grant (TMI), honors the tradition of our grant making history by funding traditional regional marketing and advertising of programming. This program is designed for non-profit arts groups who do not wish to collaborate with organizations outside of their sphere.

2) Digital Collaborative Impact Grant (DCI), challenges organizations to collaborate and create new visions using digital programming or creating new ways of presentation via traditional media. Our view is that this will allow a more diverse range of groups the ability to create opportunities for themselves and a wider online community.


Collaboration between non-profit arts groups and for-profit companies/groups are encouraged to help make Santa Fe's culture come alive.



A performance troupe reimagining dance in a non-traditional locale (a rooftop hotel swimming pool or national forest or a historic site).  Actors staging a play with a digitally created set via group meeting software or long-time residents wearing cameras and strolling neighborhoods, remembering homes and families that live in the hearts of Santa Feans.

We are in a new world that needs to hear about the cultural possibilities of Santa Fe.

We all face the reality of leveraging scarce resources.  It's time for new viewpoints and a reigniting of the ingenuity that has made Santa Fe one of America's most unique cities and cultures.


Most important to this process is our emphasis on reaching solutions through the lens of the Culture Connects Roadmap policy document.

The Arts and Culture Department believes now, more than ever, that, "every person has a story worth telling and remembering and that individually, each embodies something valuable for the whole -  imagination, knowledge, creativity and will."

We believe culture encompaasses our entire lived experience including heritage, identity, traditions, food natural environment and diversity of art mediums.

It is our belief that equity, inclusion and access to and within cultural organizations is necessary through an entity's staffing and board membership as we train and sustain the next generation of arts leaders.

We ask our cultural leaders to identify their plan (to pivot, or to trust proven models) and leverage their assets of creativity for the continued vitality and diversity of our creative economic community.


Request for Proposal: Electronic version of RFP, Questions & Answers, RFP Amendments, etc. (goes lives on 11/12/20)  HERE


To Get started on your application: Click HERE


Pre-proposal meetings were conducted via Zoom on November 23 (TCI) and 24 (DCI).  To view recordings of these meetings to help you with your application(s):

TMI Pre-Proposal Meeting

DCI Pre-Proposal Meeting


To Access the RFP's for Traditional Marketing Impact and Digital Collaborative Impact Grants:




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