City 2017 Major Accomplishments

Affordable Housing

  • Secured Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) to provide approx. $10 million in subsidy funding to develop 87 units of affordable rental housing (including 25% of units set aside from those transitioning out of homelessness)
  • 96 homebuyers with low- and moderate-incomes were counseled, trained, made “mortgage ready” and purchased homes in Santa Fe
  • Provided home repair loans to 15 homeowners with low- and moderate-incomes to make energy efficiency retrofits and other improvements to their homes
  • Assisted 29 homeowners with low- and moderate-incomes (mostly elderly) with Home Equity Conversion Mortgages (HECM) to allow them to stay in their homes

City Attorney

  • Developed and processed through to adoption by the Governing Body amendments to the telecommunications franchise ordinance streamlining the review process for installations in the public rights of way in furtherance of the goals in Resolution 2017-48
  • Developed an ethics training video, the second in a video series, used as an ethics training tool for employees and committee members
  • Handled 15 living wage complaints in 2017; covering restaurants, health care and security businesses, with employer violations in 14 of the cases resulting in $8,318 in payments to employees and no violation in 1 of the cases

Community Services

  • City of Santa Fe Veterans Advisory Board established a Veterans Scholarship Fund  and partnered with a match from SFCC Foundation—for a total of $36,000 to veterans and their dependents who have expanded their GI Bill
  • City of Santa Fe reached functional 0% homelessness for Veterans
  • The Summer Youth Program collaborated/partnered with the Community Educators Network (20 local art and museum nonprofit organizations) to create and implement an enrichment educational program for those children and youth who are struggling academically
  • The Children and Youth Commission, Human Services Committee and Regional Juvenile Justice Board funded a total of 2.3 million dollars to nonprofit organizations that increase the quality of life for children, youth and families
  • The annual Santa Fe Public Library’s Summer Reading Program, for children ages 1 month to twelve years old, recorded 1,555 children taking part in the program. This was the highest number of participants in the over 80-year-old program serving the children of Santa Fe.
  • The Southside Branch Library celebrated its 10th year of service by hosting a Celebration of Libraries and the Main Library celebrated its 30th anniversary
  • From July 2017 to December 2017 as part of the Division on Senior Services initiative to combat hunger among seniors we have served 1,155 seniors through our bi-monthly food distribution program
  • From July 2017 to December 2017 the Division of Senior Services provided 384 seniors and/or their families with durable medical equipment and personal hygiene supplies

Constituent Services

  • Successfully amended the Plaza Park Artist/Artisan Program Ordinance and completed the jury selection process for the 2018-2022 license period
  • Started the redesign of the City’s special event permitting process to improve constituent ease of use, anticipated to be completed by June 2018
  • Updated the City web site with “responsive design” capabilities to meet the needs of mobile device users (more than 50% of city web site users are accessing city information using mobile devices) and a language translation feature.

Economic Development

  • Published the candid Crossroads Report detailing the history of our economic development and identifying areas for improvement that are currently informing development of new economic development plan due in 2018
  • Used an innovative public engagement approach to invent “Our Book Shelf”, a new approach to addressing child and adult literacy, that we submitted to the Bloomberg Mayor’s Challenge competition
  • Completed 3 LEDA Grants – Second Street Brewing, Meow Wolf and Descartes Labs that are expected to generate 300-400 jobs and diversify our economy

Emergency Management

  • Successfully conducted the triennial Santa Fe Regional Airport Full-Scale Exercise which incorporated one-hundred and forty (140) participants from fourteen (14) different State, County, Local, and non-governmental agencies
  • The City of Santa Fe activated its Emergency Operations Center (EOC) in support of the 93rd Annual Burning of Zozobra – the EOC functioned as the off-site Incident Command Post (ICP) for the event enabling unified command for the first time in event history
  • Acquired $450,455 in federal grant funding during FY 16/17 which provided funds for equipment and training for the City of Santa Fe Office of Emergency Management, Santa Fe Fire Department, Santa Fe Police Department and Santa Fe Regional Airport

Enterprise Initiatives

  • The City adopted Results Based Accountability as a framework to improve outcomes for the Santa Fe community; 300 employees were trained; 250+ primary performance measures were selected across 65 city programs; 7 Quality of Life Ambitions and 30 Population Indicators were selected by the Governing Body as part of this initiative
  • The City acquired and has started to implement, with a planned go-live date of January 2 ‘19, a modern built-to-purpose Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, to streamline and automate financial and human resource management services and activities performed by all Departments
  • The City acquired and has started to implement, with a planned go-live in April ‘19, a modern built-to-purpose Land Use and Community Development system, to streamline and automate plan reviews, building permits, inspections and code enforcement activities. A Citizen self-service portal will provide citizens with online access to information and the ability to search for a parcel, apply for a permit, request an inspection, pay invoices and more – 24/7/365.


  • Successfully paid off the 2008 General Obligation Bond, saving the City $2.8 Million in future interest expense
  • Shifted equivalent debt service property tax revenue to the operating budget to provide the first Citywide pay increase in a decade
  • Updated the City’s Debt Management Policy and obtained the approval of the Governing Body to issue the bonds for $11 million for Roads projects
  • Updated the City’s Investment Policy and earned $1.2 million vs.  $400k in the previous fiscal year

Fire Department

  • Responded to over 20,000 calls for medical and fire and rescue assistance while exceeding the national standard for response time and resource allocation
  • The CONNECT Program conducted 890 visits, provided services to the 80 most vulnerable 911 callers each for a 3 month period, and reduced by 45.6% the number of 911 calls from program participants
  • Promoted overall community risk reduction through the Wildland Sections within the Santa Fe urban interface areas and the Santa Fe Fireshed
  • Continued to prepare for service area expansions and increases in call volume by selecting, training, and graduating the 31st Fire Recruit Academy

Human Resources

  • Successful implemented the Kronos time-keeping system; a fully electronic time and attendance system; to meet accountability, accuracy, productivity and compliance improvement objectives
  • Streamlined the screening of incoming job applications with a turnaround time of 24 hours or less
  • Implemented new training programs, including supervisor training, with the hiring of a City trainer
  • Began the update of the classification and compensation plan; scheduled to be finalized March 2018

Land Use

  • Maintained a 24-hr turn around on inspections, despite an increase in permits and inspection workload and staff reductions due to retirements
  • Provided timely as well as extra inspection services to the largest construction projects built in the City in over 10 years.  They include Presbyterian Hospital, the Christus St. Vincent Hospital expansion, and the new Pulte multi-family subdivision.
  • Completed the West Santa Fe River Corridor Plan which was unanimously adopted by the City Council
  • Improved historic preservation statistical databases to track workflow and activity - 750 planner site visits, 341 permit reviews, 462 inspections, 246 Historic Districts Review Board cases, 54 Archaeological Review Committee cases and 658 administrative approvals
  • Expanded historic preservation educational outreach programs including Santa Fe Architectural Walking Tours, Santa Fe Style slide lectures, and co-sponsored 2017 Santa Fe Heritage Preservation Awards Ceremony which reaches architects, contractors, realtors, convention and international delegates, city staff, and the general public

Information Technology and Telecommunications

  • Successfully implemented an enterprise security program; the City had zero computer virus infections in 2017
  • Upgrade and moved critical City computing platforms to a modern Tier II data center to improve availability (99.8% percent uptime), reliability and performance
  • Successfully completed a print management pilot program to right-size printer fleet, improve service levels and reduce printing costs (30% costs savings)
  • Modernized the City Hall network infrastructure; cabling, bandwidth, and wireless networks

Internal Audit

  • Delivered four significant internal audit reports: 1) Public Utilities – Diverted Deposits, 2) Temporary and Seasonal Employees - received the 2016 Distinguished Knighton Award, 3) Hotline Case #12 Scrap Metal, and 4) GCCC Cash Handling Audit
  • Provided support to an audit of city utility and wireless services that resulted in annual cost savings of $13,164

Parks and Recreation

  • Completed a 10 Year Master Plan and started a 3 Year Median Renovation and Reconstruction Plan
  • Completed the Municipal Recreation Center (MRC) Soccer Valley Renovation with opening for use Spring 2018
  • Opened the new 8,500 square foot skate park at Genoveva Chavez Community Center
  • Member visits, 152,593, to the Genoveva Chavez Community Center increased 19% from 2016

Police Department

  • A new INTEL Unit was established to provide information to officers in the field with day to day alerts and real-time intelligence feeds for SWAT situations, narcotics investigations, critical incidents, and violent crimes
  • Established a Special Enforcement Team to focus on current crime sprees affecting the quality of life. Commanders depend on the team in critical incidents such as robberies, burglaries, and other critical incidents
  • Established the Seasonal Tourist Officer program to protect the tourist industry and downtown area. Using Segways as a primary tool, the officers are able to look over crowds and move around the plaza much faster. Concerns and complaints from merchants has significantly been reduced.
  • Community outreach activities included 1) two Junior Police Academies - 50 students learned about the police department and its officers, 2) three Citizen Police Academies - 36 citizens learned about the police department and its officers, 3) officers assisted in giving away 70 Thanksgiving dinner meals and 4) officers shopped with 56 kids and their families during the Shop with a Cop event

Public Utilities

  • Reached a new low of 87 total gallons per capita per day (GPCD) in 2016. Incentive programs, beginning with the toilet retrofit program in 2004 and continuing with our current rebate programs, have contributed an estimated 138.2 acre-feet (AF) of water savings through 2016
  • Reached 312 4th grade students in five schools through the Passport Program. The program provides classes and field trips to teach kids about Santa Fe’s water supply and use, how the use of water and energy are interconnected, the role of trash and recycling in saving water and other resources, and how wastewater is treated so that it can be used again.
  • Completed a $1.3 million sewer rehabilitation project where over 2.5 miles (or 13,500 feet) of pipe was rehabbed with cured in place (CIP) pipe
  • Increased the sale of Compost to 120% of 2016 and 61% from 2015
  • Completed a redesign of web pages and the water utility bill to improve customer ease of use
  • Launched Eye on Water mobile application to allow customers to monitor water consumption

Public Works

  • Completed six (6) CIP projects, including: $3.3M of roadway repaving over 10 streets; $5M Acequia Trail Underpass; $1.6M Defouri Bridge replacement project; and several City office construction and renovation projects
  • Initiated a program to assist project managers earn a professional project manager certification with first graduates scheduled in June 2018
  • Upgraded all 1138 single space parking meters from coin only to credit/debit card and coin accepting meters
  • Replaced antiquated parking citation system with a state-of-the-art Citation Administration and Revenue Reconciliation System (CARRS) that offers conveniences such as on-line payments and appeals, on-line RPP renewals, pay-by-phone, etc.
  • Transported 992,690 passengers system wide through the City’s transit service: 861,690 on the Fixed Route System – as compared to 903,345 in 2016; 85,855 on the Santa Fe Pickup – as compared to 84,012 in 2016; and 42,330 on the Santa Fe Ride Paratransit System – as compared to 38.487 in 2016
  • Implemented a Twitter based application for citizens to request pot-hole repairs


  • Received national and international recognitions, including: Travel + Leisure Magazine Reader's Choice Destination of the Year, , Travel + Leisure Magazine’s America’s Favorite Cities Survey (4th Place), National Geographic World Legacy Award - Sense of Place Category (1st Place)
  • Lodger’s taxes see an increase of 7.1% over the past 11 months ($685,460)
  • Collections of Short Term Lodger’s Tax increase by 100%. The increase from January through October 2017 was from $537,734 to $1,065,340 – an increase of $507,606
  • Completed conversion of the Community Convention Center kitchen to a community kitchen available at below market cost for commercial food service production needs
  • Community Convention Center was used by the public 82.2% of the time and served 209 meetings varying in length from half a day to five days each 






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