City Council Packet June 11, 2014

JUNE 11, 2014



8.    APPROVAL OF MINUTES:  Reg. City Council Meeting – 
                                                    May 28, 2014  ITEM 8
       In Accordance with the New Mexico Open Meetings Act §10-15-1(H)(2)
       NMSA 1978, Discussion Regarding Limited Personnel Matters,
       Appointment of Brian K. Snyder as the City Manager. 
9.1. Request for Approval of Appointment of and Professional Services
       Agreement for Brian K. Snyder as the City Manager.  ITEM 9.1
         a)    Findings Regarding Feasibility and Fiscal Impact of Establishing
                a Single-Stream Recycling Program for the City of Santa Fe. 
                (Lawrence Garcia)  (5 Minutes)  ITEM 10a
         b)    Introduction of Miss Santa Fe Ashley Fresquez and Proclamation
                for “Miss Santa Fe Day”.  (5 Minutes)
         c)    Overview of Santa Fe Business Incubator.  (Marie Longserre and
                Fabian Trujillo)  (10 Minutes)
         a)    Bid No. 14/30/B – Liquid Aluminum Sulfate Chemicals for Canyon
                Road Water Treatment Plant; Chemtrade Chemicals US LLC. 
                (Victor Archuleta)  ITEM 11a
         b)    Bid No. 14/31/B – Salt Chemicals for Canyon Road Water Treatment
                Plant; DPC Industries, Inc.  (Victor Archuleta)  ITEM 11b
         c)    Bid No. 14/32/B – Sodium Hypochlorite Chemicals for Canyon
                Road Water Treatment Plant; DPC Industries, Inc. 
                (Victor Archuleta)  ITEM 11c
         d)    Bid No. 14/33/B – Liquid Sodium Permanganate Chemicals for
                Canyon Road Water Treatment Plant; F2 Industries, LLC. 
                (Victor Archuleta)  ITEM 11d
         e)    Bid No. 14/34/B – Soda Ash, Dense Chemicals for Canyon Road
                Water Treatment Plant; Thatcher Co. of Arizona, UT. 
                (Victor Archuleta)  ITEM 11e
          f)    Bid No. 14/36/B – Water Division Administration Building
                Photovoltaic (PV) Project; Positive Energy, Inc. 
                (Nick Schiavo)  ITEM 11f
         g)    Request for Approval of Professional Services Agreement –
                Website Design Services for Santa Fe Community Convention
                Center (RFP #14/21/P); Studio X, Inc.  (Randy Randall)  ITEM 11g
         h)    Request for Approval of Professional Services Agreement – 1%
                Lodgers’ Tax Funding for Community Arts Promotion Program
                (RFP #14/19/P); Thirty (30) Vendors: 
                (Anna Blyth and Randy Randall)  ITEM 11h
                Aspen Santa Fe Ballet; Axle Projects; Center for Contemporary
                Arts of Santa Fe; Inc. Georgia O’Keeffe Museum; Institute of
                American Indian Arts; Lensic Performing Arts Center Corporation;
                Museum of New Mexico; Parallel Studios; El Rancho de las
                Golondrinas; Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival Ltd.; Santa Fe
                Children’s Museum, Inc.; Santa Fe Community Orchestra; Santa
                Fe Concert Association; Santa Fe Desert Chorale; Santa Fe
                Independent Film Festival; Santa Fe International Folk Art Market;
                Santa Fe Little Theatre, Inc.; Santa Fe Opera; Santa Fe Pro
                Musica, Santa Fe Symphony Orchestra & Chorus, Inc., Santa Fe
                Teen Arts Center; Santa Fe Women’s Ensemble, Inc.; Site Santa
                Fe; Southwest Roots Music, Inc.; Southwestern Association for
                Indian Arts; Spanish Colonial Arts Society, Inc.; Teatro Paraguas;
                Theatre Grottesco North America, Inc.; Wheelwright Museum of the
                American Indian and Wise Fool New Mexico.
          i)    Request for Approval of Professional Services Agreement –
                Advertising Services on Behalf of Santa Fe Community Convention
                Center (RFP #14/09/P); TKO Advertising.  (Randy Randall)
                ITEM 11i
          j)    Request for Approval of Agreement – Design-Build Services for
                Stormwater Management Improvements, Arroyo Chamiso and
                Santa Fe River (RFP #14/28/P); The RainCatcher, Inc. 
                (Brian Drypolcher)  ITEM 11j
         k)    Request for Approval of Amendment No. 1 to Memorandum of
                Agreement and Grant Award – Bus  and Bus Facilities Program
                for Santa Fe Trails; New Mexico Department of Transportation,
                Transit & Rail Division.  (Ken Smithson)  ITEM 11k
                1)    Request for Approval of Budget Increase – Grant Fund.
          l)    Request for Approval of Professional Services Agreement –
                Fitness Program Instructor for Fort Marcy Complex
                (RFP #14/35/P); Julie Brette Adams.  (Liz Roybal)  ITEM 11l
        m)    Request for Approval of Funding Recommendations for Fiscal Year
                2014/2015 Human Services Providers; RFP #14/24/P; Eighteen
                (18) Vendors:  (Terrie Rodriguez)  ITEM 11m
                Art Programs in Human Services; Casa Milagro; Catholic Charities
                of Santa Fe; Food Depot; Food for Santa Fe; Interfaith Community
                Shelter Group; Kitchen Angels; La Familia Medical Center; Life
                Link Santa Fe Clubhouse; Literacy Volunteers; NM Immigrant Law
                Center; Santa Fe Community Services; Santa Fe Farmer’s Market
                Institute; Solace Crisis Treatment Center; Santa Fe Recovery
                Center; St. Elizabeth’s Homeless Shelter; Food Policy Council
                and Santa Fe ROC. 
        n)    Request for Approval of Children and Youth Commission Funding
               Recommendations for Fiscal Year 2014/2015 Children and Youth
               Fund; RFP #14/30/P; Thirty-Six (36) Vendors:
               (Terrie Rodriguez)  ITEM 11n
               Art Smart (FACT), Big Brothers Big Sisters, Boys & Girls Club,
              Communities in School, Cooking with Kids, First Serve, Gerard’s
              House, Girls, Inc., Girls on the Run, Impact Personal Safety,
              International Folk Art Museum, Las Cumbres Community Services.;
              National Dance Institute, NM Center for Therapeutic Riding, NM
              Suicide Prevention, New Vistas, PIE Music Program, PIE Medical
              Science ACA/Scrub Club, Partners in Education Foundation,
              Planned Parenthood, PMS Teen Health Center, Randall Davey
              Audubon, SER Development Center, Santa Fe Children’s Museum,
              SFPS Adelante, SFPS Agua Fria Aftershool, SFPS Salazar
              Afterschool, SFPS Sweeney Early Intervention Program, SFPS Teen
              Center, Site Santa Fe, SF Teen Arts/WH 21, Wisefool, YMCA of
              Central NM; Young Fathers, Youth Shelter Family Services and
       o)    Request for Approval of Grant Awards and Agreements – Senior
              Services Programs for Division of Senior Services; State of New
              Mexico Aging and Long Term Services Department. 
              (Melanie Montoya)  ITEM 11o
              1)    Foster Grandparent Program
              2)    Retired Senior Volunteer Program
              3)    Senior Companion Program
                     a)    Request for Approval of Budget Increase – Grant Fund.
       p)    Request for Approval of Renewal of Fiscal Year 2014/2015
              Comprehensive Insurance Program Coverage for City of Santa Fe;
              A.J. Gallagher Risk Management Services. 
              (Barbara Boltrek)   ITEM 11p
      q)    CONSIDERATION OF RESOLUTION NO. 2014-____:  
             A Resolution Relating to a Request for Approval of Third Quarter
             Budget Adjustments for Fiscal Year 2013/2014 Ending March 31, 2014. 
             (Cal Probasco)  ITEM 11q
       r)    CIP No. 823 – Defouri Street and Guadalupe Street Bridges
              Improvements Project.   ITEM 11r
              1)    CONSIDERATION OF RESOLUTION NO. 2014-____: 
                      (Councilor Maestas)
                     A Resolution Supporting a Time Extension for the Defouri Street
                     and Guadalupe Street Bridges Project Municipal Arterial
                     Program Cooperative Agreement with the New Mexico
                     Department of Transportation.  (Desirae Lujan)
              2)    Request for Approval of Budget Transfer – Project Fund
       s)    CONSIDERATION OF RESOLUTION NO. 2014-____: 
              (Councilor Dimas, Mayor Gonzales, Councilor Bushee,
              Councilor Maestas, Councilor Lindell, Councilor Rivera and
              Councilor Trujillo)
              A Resolution Thanking the LEAD Task Force and Operations Team
              for Their Service and Stating the City’s Intention to Enter into a
              Coalition Memorandum of Understanding to Further the LEAD
              Mission.  (Terrie Rodriguez)  ITEM 11s
        t)    CONSIDERATION OF RESOLUTION NO. 2014-____. 
              (Councilor Dominguez)
               A Resolution Authorizing Publication of a Notice of Sale of
               $5,800,000 City of Santa Fe, New Mexico General Obligation
               Tax-Exempt Bonds, Series 2014, and Authorizing the City Council,
               City Officers and City Employees to take Further Action Necessary
               in Connection With the Sale of the Bonds. 
               (Marcos Tapia and Helene Hausman)  ITEM 11t
        u)    Request to Publish Notice of Public Hearing on July 9, 2014:
               1)    Bill No. 2014-17:  An Ordinance Authorizing the Issuance and
                      Sale of City of Santa Fe, New Mexico, General Obligation
                      Bonds, Series 2014, in the Principal Amount of $5,800,000,
                      Payable from Ad Valorem Taxes Levied on All Taxable Property
                      Within the City, Levied Without Limit as to Rate or Amount;
                      Providing for the Form, Terms and Conditions of the Bonds,
                      the Manner of their Execution, and the Method of, and Security
                      for, Payment; Providing for the Award and Sale of the Bonds to
                      the Purchaser and the Price to be Paid by the Purchaser for
                      the Bonds; and Providing for Other Details Concerning the
                       Bonds.  (Councilor Dominguez) (Marcos Tapia and
                       Helene Hausman)  ITEM 11u-1
                2)    Bill No. 2014-18:  An Ordinance Relating to the Establishment
                       of Certain City of Santa Fe Departments; Repealing Section
                       2-19 SFCC 1987 to Delete the “Administrative Services
                       Department”; Creating a New Section 2-19 SFCC 1987 to
                       Establish the “Parks and Recreation Department”; and
                       Amending Section 2-21 SFCC 1987 to Rename the
                      “Convention and Visitors Bureau,” the “Tourism Santa Fe
                       Department”.  (Councilor Lindell and Councilor Ives)
                       (Randy Randall and Isaac Pino)  ITEM 11u-2
         v)    CONSIDERATION OF RESOLUTION NO. 2014-____. 
                (Councilor Maestas, Councilor Bushee and Councilor Ives)
                A Resolution Relating to Comprehensive Tax Reform for
                Municipalities; Calling on the New Mexico State Legislature to Take
                Immediate Action on Tax Reform Initiatives to Bring Balance, Equity
                and Financial Stability to Municipal Governments. 
                (Marcos Tapia and Brian Snyder)  ITEM 11v
        w)    CONSIDERATION OF RESOLUTION NO. 2014-____. 
                (Councilor Ives)
                A Resolution Supporting the Solarize Santa Fe! Campaign – A
                Public Outreach, Marketing and Technical Assistance Initiative
                Promoting the Viability of Solar Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal
                Systems to Commercial and Residential Sectors; Directing Staff to
                Work With Santa Fe County, the Santa Fe Green Chamber of
                Commerce, the Santa Fe Alliance For Clean Energy and Other
                Relevant Entities in Implementing the Solarize Santa Fe! Campaign. 
                (Nick Schiavo)  ITEM 11w
         x)    Request to Ratify Approval of Oracle JD Edwards Extended
                Support By Governing Body on May 28, 2014. 
                (Lisa Martinez)  ITEM 11x
12.    Request for Approval of Legal Services Agreement with Jeffrey Albright
         of Lewis Roca Rothgerber LLP to Represent the City in PRC
         Case # 13-00390-UT.  (Marcos Martinez)  ITEM 12
13.    Request to Public Notice of Public Hearing on July 9, 2014:
         Bill No. 2014-19:  An Ordinance Relating to the City of Santa Fe
         Economic Development Plan Ordinance, Article 11-11 SFCC 1987;
         Amending Ordinance No. 1997-1 for the Purpose of Approving and
         Adopting a First Amended and Restated Local Economic Development
         Project Participation Agreement Between the City of Santa Fe and
         Santa Fe Business Incubator, Inc. to Restructure and Add to the
         Contributions and Obligations of the City and Santa Fe Business
         Incubator, Inc. (Councilor Lindell and Mayor Gonzales)
         (Fabian Trujillo)  ITEM 13
14.    Request for Approval of 2014 CIP Bond Issue for $18 Million. 
         (Isaac Pino)  ITEM 14
15.    CONSIDERATION OF RESOLUTION NO. 2014-____.  (Councilor Ives)
         A Resolution Relating to the City of Santa Fe Fiscal Year 2014/2015
         Budget; Amending Resolution No. 2014-35 to Include the Enactment of
         a Property Tax Rate Increase of 2 Mill Per $1000 of Net Taxable Value
         to be Used for ITT Infrastructure, and Public Safety Services Related
         to Phase 2 Annexation and Operation and Maintenance Costs for
         Infrastructure of Parks and Recreation Facilities and Libraries. 
         (Marcos Tapia and Judith Amer)  ITEM 15

        1)    Request from Eldorado Service Company, LLC for a Transfer of
               Ownership of Dispenser License #0195 from Guardian Santa Fe
               Partnership to Eldorado Service Company, LLC.  This License
               Will Remain at the Eldorado Hotel, 309 W. San Francisco Street. 
               (Yolanda Y. Vigil)  ITEM H1
        2)    Request from Loyal Hound, LLC for a Restaurant Liquor License
               (Beer and Wine On-Premise Consumption Only) to be Located at
               Loyal Hound, 730 St. Michaels Drive, #3-RW. 
               (Yolanda Y. Vigil) ITEM H2
        3)    Request from the Elks BPOE Lodge #460 for a Waiver of the 300
               Foot Location Restriction and Approval to Allow the Dispensing/
              Consumption of Beer and Wine at the Elks Club, 1615 Old Pecos
              Trail, Which is Within 300 Feet of the Christ Lutheran Church,
              1701 Arroyo Chamiso.  This Request is for a Benefit Car Show to
              be held on June 15, 2014 from 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. 
              (Yolanda Y. Vigil)  ITEM H3
       4)    Request from MIX Santa Fe for a Waiver of the 300 Foot Location
              Restriction and Approval to Allow the Dispensing/Consumption of
              Alcoholic Beverages at El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe, 555 Camino de
              la Familia, Which is Within 300 Feet of Tierra Encantada Charter
              School @ Alvord, 551 Alarid Street.  This Request is for a MIX Santa Fe
              Event to be Held on June 19, 2014 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. 
              (Yolanda Y. Vigil)  ITEM H4

Pursuant to the Governing Body Procedural Rules, in the event any agenda items have not been addressed, the meeting should be reconvened at 7:00 p.m., the following day and shall be adjourned not later than 12:00 a.m.  Agenda items, not considered prior to 11:30 p.m., shall be considered when the meeting is reconvened or tabled for a subsequent meeting.
NOTE:   New Mexico law requires the following administrative procedures be followed when conducting “quasi-judicial” hearings.  In a “quasi-judicial” hearing all witnesses must be sworn in, under oath, prior to testimony and will be subject to reasonable cross-examination.  Witnesses have the right to have an attorney present at the hearing.
Persons with disabilities in need of accommodations, contact the City Clerk’s office at 955-6520, five (5) days prior to meeting date.

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