Visual Art and Museum Marketing Program

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Close Date: 12/26/2018 2:00 PM
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Jordan Guenther
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City Of Santa Fe 2651 Siringo Rd. Building H Santa Fe, NM 87505


TSF is a government entity charged with promoting Santa Fe as a primary visitor destination in

New Mexico and the world through by branding and positioning Santa Fe as a world-class

destination that offers adventure steeped in rich culture. Visitors to Santa Fe, and the region,

have a particular appreciation for visual & performing arts, culture, history, unique cuisine,

outdoor activities, rest and relaxation and world class shopping.

Integration of TSF’s The City Different Campaign into the Visual Art and Museum Marketing


In 2015, TSF launched its integrated marketing campaign, The City Different (Brand), which

included all new creative which was developed through a robust process with stakeholder input

and testing with target consumers.

The next step is to integrate The City Different brand into a more robust advertising program

that specifically addresses Santa Fe’s unique visual arts and museums scene, as well as supports

Santa Fe galleries and cultural institutions by generating increased traffic count with

corresponding bookings for Santa Fe lodging.

The role of the successful vendor is to be the conduit between TSF and each individual and

participating galleries and museums during this integration process. The process should be

seamless and ongoing.

Scope of Work and Mandatory Specifications

The successful vendor shall work closely with TSF to integrate the Brand into a more robust and

focused Visual Arts and Museum marketing campaign. The integration process will include but

not be limited to the following:

1. Develop a Visual Arts and Museum Brand Strategy / Management Plan

a. Determine how the Brand should be communicated and expressed accurately

within each respective niche / Pillar.


b. Ensure that creative materials for each niche adhere to the Brand guidelines

(designs, words and images that capture the brand essence).

c. Protect and manage The City Different brand

2. Develop a Brand Action Plan

a. Develop an action plan to bring the Brand to life through initiatives such as

promotions, public relations, etc.

b. Plan must include a component to benefit businesses including art galleries and

high-end retail and/or museums who contribute $1,000 to the overall advertising

efforts of this campaign, differentiating their presence in advertising efforts from

those who do not contribute dollars to the campaign.

3. Media Planning and Placement

a. Develop a media plan to optimize media dollars to reach the maximum number

of potential visitors interested in these specific niche experiences.

b. Buy and execute the media plan presented and approved by TSF. Execution

includes placement, optimization, cancellations, reporting, and auditing.

c. This plan will coordinate with TSF’s existing media plan and current visitor


d. 70% of the marketing efforts from this campaign must appeal to high-end art

collectors and visitors. In addition, at least 30% of the value of the marketing

efforts must promote Santa Fe’s non-profit art activities and non-profit

performing arts tourism related attractions, facilities and events, including but

not limited to the city’s non-profit museums.

4. Production and Design

a. Develop, design and produce advertising copy, layouts, designs and artwork for

print, radio, digital, interactive media, audio visual and on-line media and deliver

such material to the advertising media, printer, broadcaster, internet provider on


b. Integrate and build upon existing niche content.

c. All creative must be approved by TSF prior to placement.

5. Provide creative consultation and develop a “best practices” guide that participating

gallery owners and museums can implement moving forward.

6. Trackable Results and Analytics

a. Provide an overview of how you determine success.


b. Specify the analytic tools or services you utilize, and the type of information you

will report back to TSF as it relates to meeting our objectives.

c. Define how your analytics can be converted into insights, and how the insights

will help guide us in making decisions on how we market these niche experiences

in the future.

d. Define how we can best communicate to our stakeholders (galleries and cultural

institutions) the ROI on marketing investments to ensure future support.


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