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RFP Electronic Template

RFP Checklist

City of Santa Fe 2020 Procurement Manual

City of Santa Fe Procurement Manual

City of Santa Fe Procurement Checklist

City of Santa Fe Procurement Checklist

Old postings:

Cancellation of ITB 21/12/B, Southside Transit Center [PDF]

ITB 21/21/B Small Business Services

Santa Fe Business Incubators [PDF]

Bid Tab [xls]

Bid Log [PDF]

Cassidy's Landscaping



RainCatcher City of SF Bid 21 19 B [PDF]

San Isidro Permaculture

CIty of Santa Fe Landscape_Facilities_signed_ITB1 (1) [PDF]

Green Summit LM

Green Summit_On-Call Landscaping Services-ITB_21_19_B [PDF]

Seeds of Wisdom

SoW_Landscape_Facilities_ITB21_19B_Final20201201 [PDF]

Bid Log 21_19_B [PDF]

Bid Tab 21_19_B [xls]



ITB 21/12/B New Southside Transit Center Bid Log and Bid Tab

Anissa Construction

('2104B) Anissa Construction Bid [PDF]

EPPX Construction


Enterprise Builders Corp

Bid Bond New Southside Transit Center [PDF]

Bid Form [PDF]

EBC Public Works Registration [PDF]

GB-98 New Mexico Contractors License [PDF]

Santa Fe Business Registration [PDF]

Subcontractor Listing Form - EBC [PDF]

Subcontractor Listing Form [PDF]

Conteras Construction Group

Bid 21 12 B [PDF]

CCC Additional Insured [PDF]

Resident Contractor [PDF]

Pluma Construction

Bid Estimate City of Santa Fe Southside Transit Center [PDF]

Cancellation of ITB 21-04-B. [PDF]


EPPX Southside Bid [PDF]

Weil Construction Inc.

ITB 21_04_B_CIP Project 667-NEW SOUTHSIDE TRANSIT CENTER_Weil Construction Inc.[PDF]

Enterprise Builders

EB_Subcontractor Listing Form[PDF]

EB_Bid Bond New Southside Transit Center[PDF]

EB_GB-98 New Mexico Contractors License[PDF]

EB_Public Works Registration_Exp 9-12-20[PDF]

EB_Santa Fe Business Registration[PDF]

Enterprise Builders BID FORM[PDF]

T. A.  Cole and Sons GC

ITB 21-04-B_CIP#667_South-side Transit Center_TACOLE and SONS GC 88205_91-20


Bid Submission_B&D [PDF]

Bid tab and Bid log 


Bid Tab and Bid Log for ITB 21/01/B Fleet Vehicle Heavy Truck and Trailer Repairs.

bid log 21_01_B [XLSX]

Bid Tab 21_01_B [XLS]


Fleetguard Filters Sample Pricing_Santa Fe Solid Waste Agency_ [PDF]

All Makes One Stop Shop [PDF]

Cummins Fleetguard Warranty [PDF]

Cummins Submittal ITB_21-01-B_Fleet Vehicle_mp [PDF]

ITB_21-01-B_Sample Price Agreement_redlined (1)  [DOCX]

BL_CoSF_Business_License_Landscape_02-06-2020_09-44-11 [PDF]

Chevrolet Cadillac of Santa Fe

[bot protected email address]_20200728_124743 [PDF]

Rush Truck Center

Santa Fe Solid Waste Management Agency - ITB 21-01-B Fleet Vehicle Heavy-Duty Truck and Trailer Repairs FINAL [PDF]

Parts  Plus

Parts Plus City of SF Solid Waste Bid 21 01 B [PDF]

MCT, Incorporated

ITB NO 21-01-B [PDF]



Weise Auto Supply Inc.

Weise Auto Supply Inc ITB No 2101B [PDF]

Battery Systems

City of Santa Fe - Final Submission_1 [PDF]

City of Santa Fe-Exide sheet [PDF]

Capitol Ford Lincoln

image2020-07-27-133707 [PDF]

Clark Truck Equipment


Krebs Santa Fe Brake and Automotive LLC

ITB Solid waste 21-01-B07272020 [PDF]

O’Reillys Auto Part

ITB 21-01-B Fleet Vehicle Heavy-Duty Truck and Trailer Repairs_Response [PDF]

San Loma Inc. dba Westfleet

ITB 21_01_B [PDF]

Hal Burns Truck RV and Equipment Service

itb no 21_20200708183144 [PDF]

Stewart and Stevenson

SFSWMA Bid #21-01 B [PDF]


20/21/proposal log [XLS]

21_02_B Taxiway G Construction Bid Tab [XLS]

Bid log 21_02_B Taxiway G Construction [PDF]

ITB No. 21-02-B Santa Fe Airport Taxiway G Part 1 TLC Plumbing and Utili... [PDF]

ITB No. 21-02-B Santa Fe Airport Taxiway G Part 2 TLC Plumbing and Utili... [PDF]

MSCI Bid - Santa Fe Airport Taxiway G [PDF]

RFB No. 21-02-B Albuquerque Asphalt Inc 2 [PDF]

Universal Protection Services dba Allied Universal Security Services

20_23_B Security Services SWAMA Bid log

BID TAB ITB 20_23_B Security Services SWAMA

AUS_SFSWMA Security Services Rebid 

Garda World 

Santa Fe Solid Waste Management Agency - ITB No. 20.23.B.     

Blackstone Security Services

City of Santa Fe Business License 2020

SFSWMA Bid Submittal Form

SFSWMA Exceptions To Specifications 

SFSWMA Addendum No.1

Blackstone Proposal Santa Fe Solid Waste Manangement 

Desert Wolf Security


Desert Wolf Security Owner & Business Lic. Information

Desert Wolf- Certificate 2mil limit 7.14.20.

Santa Fe SWMA Bid Submittal Form ITB 20-23-B 

Santa Fe SWMA BID FORM ITB No. 20.23.B Security Services 

3D Security Group

ITB No. '2023B

Securitas USA

Bid Submittal Form, Bid Form & Documents_Securitas 07.15.20.

Securitas proposal ITB No. '20-23-B Security Services for the Santa Fe Solid Waste Management Agency. 

Emergency_Form [doc]

Final Sole Source justification [docx]

GSA Memo Template - One Time Purchase 02-04-2020 [docx]

bid tab [PDF]

burrt bid. Eviroworks [PDF]

BuRRT Proposal CBKN Dirtworks INC SECTION 1 [PDF] BuRRT Proposal CBKN Dirtworks INC SECTION 2 [PDF]

proposal log 20_29_B [PDF]


 bid tab [xlsx]

20/28/B On-Call Electrical Services for the Santa Fe Solid Waste Management Agency

20-28-B Bid Tab [xlsx]

20/27/B  Off Road Heavy Equipment Repairs (Parts and Labor)

20-27-B Bid Tab [xlsx]

20/26/B Commercial Fleet Repairs (parts and labor)

20-26-B Bid Tab [xlsx]

Bid Tab 20_20_B

Bid Bond

Bid Forms

Bid log 20_20_B

Campaign Contribution Disclosure Form

Certification of Bidder Regarding EEO

Certification of Nonsegregated Facilities

GB-98 New Mexico Contractos License

Local Preference Certification Form 

Non-Collusion Addidavit of Prime Bidder

Non-Collusion Addidavit of Prime Bidder (1)

Public Works Registration_Exp 9-12-20

Public Works Registration_Exp 9-12-20 (2)

 Santa Fe Business Registration.

Subcontractor Listing Form FINAL

Subcontractor Listing Form FINAL (3)

Surety Letter.

Bid log 20_20_B [PDF]

Bid Tab 20_20_B [PDF]

Brycon proposal [PDF]

Franken Construction [PDF]

Jaynes Corporation Proposal - City of Santa Fe New Fire Station 2 [PDF]

Bid Tab [PDF]

ITB # ‘20-21-B Submittal - USIC Locating Services, LLC [PDF]

Poposal log [PDF]

Santa Fe_LS_Proposal_April 30, 2020 [PDF]

bid on call Janitorial Services City Wide 2 [PDF]

CSFbid [PDF]

Bid Tabs [PDF]

 AUI Final Bid_COSF Wastewater Aeration System [PDF]

Bid Tab 20_17_B [PDF]

RMCI BID - 20-17-B Wastewater Aeration System Improvement Project [PDF]

Bid 20/13/B, Phase 3 Landfill Gas Collection System Expansion ( this one has 2 respondents, Landmarc and Tri Con)

BID 20/18/B Southside Museum Programming for Children (this one only had one respondent, Santa Fe Children’s Museum).

 420001 - Caja Proposal - Tri Con [PDF]

Bid Tabs 20_13_B [PDF]

Bid Tabs 20_18_B [PDF]

Caja Del Rio Phase 3 LFG Expansion System BID- Landmarc Environmental [PDF]






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