Announcing the City of Santa Fe Arts and Culture Department’s

Cultural Investment Funding Program Fiscal Year 2021-22 (FY22) Digital collaboration impact

Opens august 11, 2021/Due september 08, 2021




“Culture embodies the shared complex and diverse heritage of a community, including its tangible and intangible virtues…It is the quiet and restless imagination that becomes expression, from which emanates writing, song, performance, painting, sculpture, cuisine, dance, design and story. When recognized, coalesced and leveraged, culture is transformative. It ignites creativity, consciousness and capacity.” - Culture Connects Roadmap

There’s a Light at the End of the Tunnel!

While coronavirus has changed our way of life, we are now looking towards the future and recovery strategies. While still being cautious, gatherings, venues, and live events are beginning to find its way back! It is vital for us all to re-imagine a true “City Different” – a city that celebrates the role of culture in tourism and the wider economy. In that context, restoration of our “typical” approaches to arts and cultural administration has created opportunity for change.

Now is the Time With increased fiscal resources, and the feedback given to us from FY21 Cycle the City of Santa Fe Arts and Culture Department has revised the Traditional Marketing Impact Category to ensure a more equitable process. Our refreshed approach takes both perspectives into consideration by offering cultural organizations three paths for funding support:



Digital Collaborative Impact Grant (DCI), challenges organizations to collaborate and create new visions using digital programming or creating new ways of presentation via traditional media. Our view is that this will allow a more diverse range of groups the ability to create opportunities for themselves and a wider online community. Maximum of four (4) projects receiving $30,000 each.




DCI Technical Assistance Workshop will be conducted via Zoom Wednesday, August 18th at 10am: register with Erminia Tapia at