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Artist Professional (Digital) Training



CARES Act Artist Professional Training

Digital Marketing Workshops for COVID and Beyond

At the onset of the pandemic, the Arts and Culture Department took notice of the deep impacts COVID-19 was having on our arts and culture economies locally.  It became clear to us that for our artists and arts organizations to survive now and in the future, digital literacy was essential.  With our CARES Act funding, we were offered the rare opportunity to establish a series of "bootcamp" online trainings to better prepare members of our creative economy to better cope with the current environment we live in and prepare for whatever the future holds.  It is our hope and intent that these workshops (available below for your own training) will spark the creativity and resourcefulness of creatives in our community and help them be better at promoting themselves through digital media using the tips and tools they learned here.


Graphic Recording Workshop Training

Graphic Recording is a new way for professional organizations, meeting planners, conference organizers and record keepers to record meetings and events VISUALLY.  This series of workshops will teach artists (who are already prone to thinking visually) how to better Tell Stories, Map Ideas, Solve Problems and Share Ideas through their own illustrations.  This workshop series emphasizes the importance of visual content as a companion to auditory content to aid in the absorption of material by viewers, capturing key themes and ideas, synthesize info and capture processes.  Attendees will be able to create a visual record by better understanding:  what is visual thinking? how do you practice graphic recording (analogue/digital)? how do you listen with the intention of recording ideas? how do you build a graphic recording business practice? and how do you build a visual vocabulary to record the stories around you in captivating ways?

Graphic Recording for Beginners, Part 1, Taslim van Hattum

Graphic Recording for Beginners, Part 2, Taslim van Hattum

 Graphic Recording for Beginners, Part 3, Taslim van Hattum


Digital Media Marketing

This series of workshops focused on the essentials of conquering digital media marketing including social media management, digital advertising, email marketing and online sales.  As the world navigates the pandemic and more people are turning online, it's important for the creative economy to show up with a strong digital presence online as well.  With this series of digtial marketing 101 strategies, participants will overcome their fear and discomfort with the tools of the digital world and understand the techniques that are used to conquer digital marketing.

Digital Media Marketing Workshop 1 with Rubina Cohen

Digital Media Marketing Workshop 2 with Rubina Cohen

Digital Media Marketing Workshop 3 with Rubina Cohen

Digital Media Marketing Workshop 4 with Rubina Cohen


Creating Video Content for Self-Promotion

These two workshops focused on the fundamentals of how to create fun content that may be used for both self+ institutional promotion, and the distribution of our local art culture online.  Voluntary assignments were given to workshop participants with the opportunity for one on one check-ins with the instructor after the workshop was completed.  Pre-requisites were:  iphone or ipad, at least one social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter)


Setting Your Scene- Intro to Mobile Video Creation with Bel Sigado

Going Live - Content Creation Off the Cuff with Bel Sigado


Online Teaching for Arts Educators

In response to the pandemic, Santa Fe Public School District transitioned to remote learning.  CARES funding from the City of Santa Fe enabled ArtWorks and Partners in Education the opportunity to provide public prgramming that responds to the current educational challenges experienced during the pandemic.  Programming educated constituents about the realities of online teaching, provided solutions to real-time challenges, connected classroom teachers with arts activities to enhance their teaching in all subject areas and trained educators in new technology and applications that helped them reach students more effectively.  ArtWorks provided 89 professional development experiences to workshop attendees.

Arts and Trauma-Informed Instruction with Trina Raper

Tech Platforms & Appls in the SFPS Classroom with Oliver Prezant







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