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Airport ID Badging

Updated badging information
acceptable forms of payment are check or money orders

Badging hours are:

  •  AOA Badges:

    • (New and Renewal apps) Wednesday's, 9 am - 12 pm and 2 pm - 4 pm.

  • SIDA Badges:

    • New Applicants:  Thursday's, 9 am - 12 pm by appointment only.

    • Renewal Applicants and SIDA Training:  Thursday's, 2 pm - 4 pm.

Any questions, please call John Dickinson at 955-2909




Airport ID Badge Application Instructions – Santa Fe regional Airport


**Effective Immediately:  New Airport Users Fees**

Effective May 30, 2018, Ordinance 2018-17 was approved by City Council.  Fees listed on Schedule 'A', Airport Users Fees, will be charged accordingly.

Follow These Steps to Receive Airport Access ID Badge:

1.  Review the Access to the Santa Fe Regional Airport Information Pamphlet (click here)

2.  Review, complete, and print the ID Badge Application as appropriate

New or Renewal Application (click here)

Status Change Application (click here)

Vehicle Permit Application (click here)

In accordance with the City of Santa Fe Uniform Traffic Ordinance, Parking in a Special Parking Area Without a Permit (12-6-6.15) is a $35 fine for the original offense payable within fifteen (15) days of the date of issue.
Original Fines are subject to additional penalties if the fine is not paid or citation is not appealed within fifteen (15) calendar days from date of issue of the citation or date of first notice. Penalties for all parking violations will be assessed as follows:
(1) First Penalty: Double of Original Fine Amount if not paid by original due date.
(2) Second Penalty: Total Amount of first penalty + 30% if not paid by second due date.

3.  Have an Authorized Signatory sign the application

4.  Bring the following to the Airport Admin Office during the hours listed above:

- Completed Application

- Required ID/Work Authorization Documents (see:

*If you are not a U.S. Citizen you will need to provide either a Permanent Resident Card or an I-94 Arrival/Departure Form Number.*

- Badge Application Fee (Cash or Check Only Unless Billed to Employer)

$30 for an AOA ID Badge (New and Renewal)

$100 for a SIDA ID Badge

$80 for a SIDA ID Badge Renewal

$15 for each Vehicle Parking Permit

 5.  Airport Administration will:

- Verify application and required ID/Work Authorization Documents

- Submit application to the Transportation Security Clearing House for vetting; 1-3 business days

- Contact applicant to arrange for badge issuance and schedule in-person training (SIDA only) once vetting is complete


Applicants applying for SIDA badges must take the following courses online prior to attending in-person SIDA Training

  • Insider Threat
  • SIDA Training Part 1
  • SIDA Training Part 2
  • SIDA Training Part 3

Click Here for information on how to take these courses online.


Airport Signatory Training:

Airport Business Owners/Hanger Owners - If you have employees, tenants, clients, and/or contractors that require unescorted access, you will need to sponsor their application.  You will need to have an Access ID Badge and receive Signatory Training prior to sponsoring another applicant.  Please complete the appropriate Access ID Badge Application (above), the Authorized Signatory Training (click here), and bring both to the Airport Admin Office during the times listed above.

If you have any questions, contact Airport Administration: 505-955-2903. 




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