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Action Plan for Santa Fe


Our Goals—Diversify the economy, build on our successful industries, and give our young people the jobs and opportunities they need to stay here.

Here are the problems: Our economy is stuck. It isn’t growing. It still depends for jobs on the same old kinds of industries. We’re losing our young people who leave to find work outside of Santa Fe.

Here’s what Alan will do as Mayor:

  • Revitalize our existing economic base: Make tourism younger, hipper and cooler; give galleries, museums, and tourist spots more support with marketing and beautification; work with successes like Meow Wolf to generate spin offs and more startups to keep the City alive, multi-cultural, and vibrant.
  • Recognize both the South Side and St. Michaels Drive as emerging downtowns, while supporting our historic Downtown. Grow small businesses, startups, Hispanic and immigrant shops and stores along a revitalized Airport Road.
  • Utilize Alan’s deep experience as an entrepreneur to help young Santa Feans start businesses in emerging and growing industries: the design and cultural economy, financial services, clean energy, medical, active aging, food, digital, film and entertainment so that young people stay here and lead our new economy.
  • Create new opportunities for internships, vocational training, and apprenticeships to create good jobs for those who don’t go to college.
  • Invest in 21st century infrastructure: high-speed Internet, reliable cell phone service, and an upgraded airport to enable our businesses to work faster, cheaper, and smarter.



Our Goals—Grow Santa Fe smart, with a blend of housing that supports existing neighborhoods and creates new mixed-use developments.

Here are the problems: We haven’t been building affordable, workplace housing that will allow workers and young people to live and work in Santa Fe and we haven’t created a housing strategy that supports strong, attractive, and livable neighborhoods.

Here’s what Alan will do as Mayor:

  • Stop the failed system of  “an empty lot-led housing strategy” (one politicized project at a time, proposed for a specific piece of land and advanced in an adversarial way that only angers neighborhoods). Create an Office of Neighborhood Associations to build a collaborative approach between the City government and neighborhoods that goes beyond just housing—and focuses on creating healthy, livable neighborhoods.
  • Build the 1,400 housing units already approved but not yet under construction, including on St. Michaels Drive, around the SFUAD campus, and with Stage 3 of Tierra Contenta.
  • Develop a continuum of housing. Work across the board to end homelessness create rental options, build workforce housing, enable starter homes, and produce retirement options for older Santa Feans.
  • Streamline the City permitting process to make it easier for projects to get the green light and get built.


Public Safety

Our Goals—Fight back against the plague of car thefts, robbery, and burglary created by rampant opioid addiction; fill all police, fire, and first responder jobs; and build trust and respect between public safety providers and the community they serve.

Here are the problems: Santa Fe’s Police Department has too many vacancies and the community suffer from too many robberies, burglaries, break ins and thefts. The opioid epidemic has hit Santa Fe very hard and is the cause of much of the crime in our City.

Here’s what Alan will do as Mayor:

  • Fully staff the police force now.
  • Develop a coordinated approach to the opioid epidemic with increased treatment programs and training for emergency responders.
  • Appoint a citizens’ advisory committee to help guide the search for a new Police Chief who understands the history, culture and community values of Santa Fe.
  • Support the City’s data-driven approach to providing emergency response services that are timely, responsive, and cost-efficient.



Our Goals—Invest in our young people’s health, safety, and well-being; work closely with all levels of education to break down bureaucratic barriers that keep Santa Fe’s children from learning, growing, and thriving.

Here are the problems: Too many young people in Santa Fe are being failed by the school system, dropping out, falling through the cracks, and struggling to find their future without adequate training, development, or skills.

Here’s what Alan will do as Mayor:

  • Collaborate with Santa Fe’s public schools, the community college, and other educational institutions to expand after school and summer programs and wrap-around services for all of Santa Fe’s children.
  • Designate an advocate in the Mayor’s Office to promote social, educational, and economic well-being, educational opportunity and safety and security for all of Santa Fe’s young people.
  • Work with a newly elected Governor and the State Legislature to provide new funds for early childhood education, to make sure that every child in Santa Fe has a fair start in life and that all parents are free to work to support their families.



Our Goals—Make Santa Fe one City where everyone in every neighborhood and every part of the community has equal opportunity, equal access to high quality public facilities, and an equal chance to succeed in life.

Here are the problems: Santa Fe today is a divided City, with too many people and families feeling left out and left behind. Without the right leadership, Santa Fe risks becoming “a tale of two cities,” divided by income, race, age, geography, and education. What we need is a City that works for all.

Here’s what Alan will do as Mayor:

  • Continue Sanctuary City policies and advocate for the rights of immigrants.
  • Create a Women’s Advisory Commission to develop an ongoing agenda to promote gender-equity in Santa Fe, reduce violence against women, and advocate for equal rights and equal representation for women.
  • Make Santa Fe a “senior-friendly City” in concert with AARP and national programs that provide opportunities for older Santa Feans to get the services they need, stay active, and age with respect, dignity and opportunity.
  • Support the Youth Advisory Commission to create opportunities for young people in employment, arts, culture, entertainment, and sports.

See my Chainbreaker questionnaire responses here.


Our Goals—Make Santa Fe the most sustainable City in the country with particular focus on renewable energy, water conservation, and food security and quality.

Here are the problems: Santa Fe’s quality of life is one of the City’s most compelling calling cards. But in the fragile high desert environment where we live, achieving a sustainable ecosystem is a challenge the City needs to stay ahead of. 

Here’s what Alan will do as Mayor:

  • Ensure that 50% of Santa Fe’s electricity is powered by clean energy by 2025, putting the City on an aggressive path toward 100% clean energy.
  • Solarize all City facilities by 2025 and advocate for community solar at the State Legislature.
  • Remove barriers to electric vehicles, starting with accessing VW settlement funds to replace gas-powered city buses with clean energy buses.
  • Partner with private sector firms and labor unions to make energy efficiency a reality, saving families and businesses hundreds of dollars a year and providing important job training to Santa Feans who want to work in this growing industry.

See my Sierra Club questionnaire responses here.

City Hall

Our Goals—Make City government “user-friendly and service-oriented” so Santa Feans can get the services they need and deserve.

Here are the problems: As the McHard audit reported, Santa Fe City government has been struggling for years to achieve high quality levels of service for our residents; too often the City government has been difficult for people to deal with, making it too hard to get things done, wasting time, money, and resources.

Here’s what Alan will do as Mayor: 

  • Immediately institute strong financial controls to prevent fraud and abuse of public funds; solve the system failures revealed in the scathing audit released on the City’s past lack of financial accountability.
  • Reduce red tape in permitting and other services to make Santa Fe residents the center of City government, and; give City employees the training, support, technology, and tools they need to provide excellent service.
  • Implement a “See-Click-Fix” approach so residents can snap and send photos of potholes, missing stop signs, leaking water pipes, and weeds for immediate action by the relevant City department.
  • Hire “navigators” for all City buildings to facilitate fast, easy, and successful interactions between people seeking City services and the departments and offices providing them.
  • Make City Government bilingual—all permitting requirements, wage claim documents, and other important City information should be in English and Spanish.




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