2019 Bills

An Ordinance Granting to Public Service Company of New Mexico ("PNM"), a New Mexico Corporation, a Franchise to Furnish Electricity Within the City of Santa Fe, Santa Fe County, New Mexico, and Granting to PNM the Right to Use Any Public Highway, Street, Alley, Road, or Other Public Place Within the Present or Future Municipal Limits of the City of Santa Fe.

An Ordinance Amending Subsection 6-10.2 SFCC 1987 Regarding the Membership and Terms of the Children and Youth Commission.

An Ordinance Amending Section 9-2.4 to Remove Reference to a Repealed State Law; and Repealing Section 9-2.17.

An Ordinance Amending Sections 9-3.5, 9-3.8, and 9-3.9 SFCC 1987 Regarding the Public Campaign Finance Code, Adjusting the City’s Qualification Process for Public Financing to Reflect Recent Changes in State Law.

An Ordinance Amending and Repealing Various Sections of the Election Code, Section 9-1 SFCC 1987, to Accommodate Recent Changes in State Law Governing Local Elections; and Enacting a New Provision of the Election Code to Authorize Either the City Clerk or the Ethics and Campaign Review Board to Adopt Rules Applying the Code.

An Ordinance Authorizing the Execution and Delivery of a Loan Agreement By and Between the City of Santa Fe and the New Mexico Finance Authority, Evidencing a Special, Limited Obligation of the City to Pay a Principal Amount not to Exceed $23,800,000, for the Purpose of Defraying the Cost of Refunding, Paying, and Refinancing the 2009 Loan Agreement Dated September 14, 2009 With the New Mexico Finance Authority (College of Santa Fe Acquisition); Providing for the Payment of the Loan Agreement from Certain Gross Receipts Tax Revenues Distributed to the City; Providing that the Loan Agreement Will Constitute a Subordinate Lien Upon the Pledged Gross Receipts Tax Revenues From the Taxation and Revenue Department to be Redirected to the New Mexico Finance Authority or Its Assigns Pursuant to an Intercept Agreement for the Payment of Principal and Interest Due on the Loan Agreement; Delegating Authority to the Mayor or, in the Mayor’s Absence, the City Manager or Finance Director, to Approve the Final Principal Amount, Interest Rates and Other Details of the Loan Agreement Within the Parameters Set Forth in this Authorizing Ordinance, and to Execute and Deliver a Pricing Certificate Reflecting the Final Terms of the Loan Agreement; Ratifying Actions Heretofore Taken; Repealing All Action Inconsistent with this Ordinance; and Authorizing the Taking of Other Actions in Connection with the Execution and Delivery of the Loan Agreement and Intercept Agreement.

An Ordinance Relating to the Land Development Code, Chapter 14, SFCC1987: Amending Subsection 14-6.3(D)(1) to Permit On-Street Parking to Meet Parking Requirements for Accessory Dwelling Units, to Impose Limits on the Height and Setback for Accessory Dwelling Units, to Permit Accessory Dwelling Units to be Built in Compliance with Underlying Design Requirements, to Permit the Rental of Both the Primary Dwelling Unit and Accessory Dwelling Unit Except for Short Term Rental Units; and Making Such Other Stylistic or Grammatical Changes as are Necessary.

An Ordinance Adding a Definition of "Electric Scooter" to the Uniform Traffic Ordinance; and Prohibiting the Use of Rented Electric Scooters in the Public Right-of-Way Unless a Pilot Program is Expressly Authorized by the Governing Body.
An Ordinance in Opposition to a Proposed Rule Change by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of the Army Revising the Definition of “Waters of the United States”; Submitting This Resolution to the Environmental Protection Agency; and Encouraging City of Santa Fe Residents to Submit Their Comments During the Public Comment Period Ending April 15, 2019.

An Ordinance Amending Section 25-4.3 SFCC 1987 Regarding the Commercial Water User Rebate Program to Ease the Application and Rebate Administration Process, and to Clarify Certain Sections of the Code.

An Ordinance Ratifying Submittal of an Application to the New Mexico Finance Authority for Refinancing of Subordinate Lien Gross Receipts Tax Revenue Bonds, Series 2009 – Santa Fe University of Art and Design.
An Ordinance Amending Section 24-2.6 SFCC 1987 to Extend the Truck and Other Large Vehicles Traffic Restriction on Camino Carlos Rey from Cerrillos Road to Zia Road.

An Ordinance Amending the Official Zoning Map of the City of Santa Fe; Changing the Classification from R-1 (Residential, 1 Dwelling Unit per Acre) to C-1 (General Office District); and Providing an Effective Date with Respect to a Certain Parcel of Land Comprising .32+/- Acres within T16N, R9E, Section 6 N.M.P.M., Santa Fe County, New Mexico, Located at 4323 Airport Road, (Case No. 2018-97, 4327 and 4323 Airport Road Rezoning).




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